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Hi, I am Jayteerth Katti, the founder of Coin Chemistry. I am on a mission to empower one million couples with the Financial Life Skills they need to achieve their couple goals and unlock the best opportunities for Wealth Creation.

When I got married, I thought my professional certificates and career in finance would guarantee success in achieving our financial goals.

I was WRONG!

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Financial Freedom isn't magic,
it's acquired by CULTIVATING Life Skills

Poverty and financial difficulties are often rooted in a lack of understanding and fear surrounding money matters. When individuals lack knowledge about personal finance, budgeting and investment, they make decisions that lead to debt, financial insecurity, and an ongoing STRUGGLE to make ends meet.

Fear of the unknown and uncertainty about money also hold people back from taking proactive steps to improve their financial situation. This starts A VICIOUS CYCLE, where a lack of financial literacy keeps you trapped in POVERTY.

At Coin Chemistry, we believe that it is crucial for both partners, husband and wife, to be involved in the process of breaking the cycle of financial struggle and achieving shared financial goals. They must be in synergy like the Yin and Yang — symbol of duality, interdependence, and change.

Coin Chemistry empowers couples to achieve their financial couple goals faster by combining practical life skills education with powerful financial strategies. Our community members are debt-free, save more money, invest smarter, and create wealth together. Join us and experience the power of financial synergy.

– Jayteerth Katti
circa 2020

Elevate Your Couple Goals, Level Up Your Wealth

Make Your Dreams Happen

Money Master

Learn how money works, cultivate financial life skills, set and plan wealth creation goals together. Save more money and take your first steps towards investing. Build a strong financial foundation for a prosperous future. Join the community of like-minded couples and achieve your goals.

Wealth Maximizer

Take your financial journey to the next level. Learn investing, portfolio management and the power of compounding. Your guide to 360° view on global economics, stocks, forex, bonds, debentures, and precious metals. Maximize your wealth creation potential and take steps towards financial freedom.

Fortune Founder

High-ticket, niche investing avenues for those who seek complete financial independence. Be a part of the elite invite-only fortune founders community and let your money work for you. Exclusive retreats, one-to-one consulting, personalized portfolios, and ultra-luxury wealth management solutions.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Joining Coin Chemistry's program could be your best decision ever! We have been able to generate impressive returns. We started with 3.5 lacs and today, I received news that my investment has doubled and we are just starting. I have already introduced Coin Chemistry to my friends. 🙂
Chaitali & Ashay, Pune
Professional practical strategies for building and managing wealth. Focus on both short-term and long-term couple goals and emphasis on creating multiple streams of income. Overall, we highly recommend this training to anyone looking to improve their financial situation.
Raja & Anu, United States
I definitely recommend this program to anyone looking to set and achieve goals in the new year. It's a remarkable investment. Financial as well as in my personal development. We learned techniques that can be implemented right away. I'm excited to start working on my goals and confident that the skills and strategies will help me to be successful.
Pavai & Krishna, madurai
Every session is invaluable for people like me who struggle with finance. It's been helping me immensely to understand my own barriers and how to overcome them. It also helped me to focus on the right goals and to stay motivated. Just in two months, I saved a good amount by following the system. Nothing has worked for us before!
Pulkit & Sneha, Bangalore

About Jayteerth

I am a self-made person who is interested in everything but loves a few where he finds soul. Liberal. Spiritual. Explore and push boundaries. Live a minimalistic lifestyle. 

I started working right after I completed my schooling and then completed my graduation as well as post-graduation simultaneously. I have also completed a certificate course in Financial Instruments and Mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Prior to starting my own business in 2017, I have worked in several key positions in Banking, Finance and IT. But things haven’t come to me easy. 


Ernst & Young

Consultant – Client Relations, established a strong relationship with the firm’s strategic clients. Customized banking and financial products as per their needs. 



Trained Directors, CEO and top leaders within the organization.  Lead a team of 14 dynamic critical supply chain professionals. 



Joined as an Associate, provided expert tech support for DELL. Later, lead key positions serving clients from the UK, NZ, Japan and China.


ABN Amro Bank

Sales Executive, sold premium financial products to high net-worth professionals like doctors and diamond merchants.

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